Dennis Enviro 500 MMC Version 3

Dennis Enviro 500 MMC V3.0 Release Note

  1. Models included in this package:

    • 12m E500MMC: ATENU2 - ATENU134, ATENU136 - ATENU802, ATENU840, (LWB) 95XX

    • 12m E500MMC (Facelift bodywork): ATENU803 - ATENU839, ATENU841 - ATENU1241

    • 12.8m E500MMC: 3ATENU1 - 3ATENU22

    • 12.8m E500MMC (Facelift bodywork): 3ATENU23 - 3ATENU152

    • 12.8m E500MMC (Facelift bodywork) with RAS: 3ATENUW1

    • 12m E500MMC hybrid: ATH1-3

    • 12m E500MMC (Facelift bodywork) New Red Bodypaint: ATENU1242-1651

    • 12.8m E500MMC (Facelift bodywork) New Red Bodypaint: 3ATENU153 - 3ATENU222

    • 12m E500MMC (Euro 6): EAT1-2

  2. All announcement files should be placed at a common folder "\Vehicles\A_COMMON_Announcements". This directory will also be used in our future buses. Please move your own announcement files to the said directory.

  3. You are highly recommended to remove ALL previous versions (except announcements and hof files) before installing the new version.


  1. Put all the folders into OMSI directory.

  2. Please refer to our Dennis Enviro 400 for installations of route display files and announcement files.