Dennis Enviro 400 for OMSI2

Dennis Enviro 400 V2.1

Dennis Enviro E400 V2.1 Release Note

  1. New fps friendly AI models.

  2. Engine, engine sound and Gearbox scripts updated.

  3. New icons shown on dash panel.

  4. Please back up the old E400 before install V2.1. For players having OMSI V1.0 or 1.01, please download the V2.1 addon pack.

  5. Many thanks to MB452, Naphthalene, FF3170, KT4404 being my team members and many thanks to MV9453, HKBRIC, HKBDRA, 3D Transport Studio, Kyle Ortiz and all other people who have given a hand to me.

  6. V2.1 requires a lower computer specification than V2.0. For players upgraded your computer due to v2.0, enjoy your nicer driving experience.


  1. Back up your old E400 folder and delete it completely.

  2. Put all the folders into OMSI directory

  3. Run OMSI

  4. Put all the route display files into Omsi\Vehicles\Anzeigen\HANOVER_ORANGE

  5. Put all the announcement files into Omsi\Vehicles\Dennis_Enviro400\Sound\Ansagen

  6. Put all the depot files (eg: GI.hof) into Omsi\Vehicles\Dennis_Enviro400\